Hamburg 2005 Steingathering

  Istanbul 1 Istanbul 2 It's Halloween and this was the most ridiculous costume to be found.  
Stone block with architecture plastered on One of the few in Hamburg Tanz bus Rathaus Rathaus in its full glory
Another stone block with architecture glued on. Rathaus tower Rathaus detail Came to Hamburg just for this Poison Hut with the fountain of life
Austrian snow in Germany Some weird bloke Well guarded police station. Now where EXACTLY is that night bell??? Hamburg heraldry Another one of those stone blocks with architecture blastered on in an afterthought.
Stone block etc. And again. Satyr and virgin fountain. The sole virgin in Hamburg btw. Architecture again And again.
and again. not enough yet even more. And yet even more. Not overly seaworthy.
Some church or other. Inner Alster Fountain in the Alster Saw a ton of those And once more.
Innen Alster Aussen Alster Aussen Alster again, no swimming this time of year. No swimming, just rowing. One of the inhabitants
One more architecturally enhanced stone block Cool Bikes 1 Cool Bikes 2 Cool Bikes 3 Cool Bikes 4
Cool Bikes 5 Cool Bikes 6 Hamburg impressions Cool Bikes 7 Cool Bikes 8
Cool Bikes 9 Hamburg Impressions 2 Feuerwehrschiff, tried to eat there to no avail The Port One of those pesky Broadway shows.
Port Port again Meeting place 1 Still the first meeting place, no gulls this time. Gulls and ships in a port, what a surprise
Gulls Water plane Sunset on the port Sunset on the port 2 Sunset on the port 3
Sunset on the port 4 Sunset on the port 5 Port View from Port Architecture again
Nah, won't swim there Sunset Sunset again Iranian ship A long way from home
Waited for it to rise to no avail Port architecture Sunset Port architecture The virtuous district
Wonder what exactly is playing there. Unhappy customers - unhappy due to being photographed Jesus lives - among those that share love. For a price at any rate Finallly found the first of the pack Nice tv set. Shame I didn't have the coat with me
Renegade angels Playing with the camera Some more playing Not only clean but also pure. Right. The Virtuous area again.
And the stores there. Accident prone area. The Grosse Freiheit And a ton of people looking for a little damnation And possibly also some salvation (from the pressure)
No better 4x4 Sweet dungeons Some church again Zea Lovely and welcoming signs
That happened to the last one who waited for ML to sing a concert in voice Come on in Neue Flore, soon to be home to some pesky little musical no one wants to see Finally found the rest of the pack Judi and Will
Brian's already got the dessert while we still wait for the first course. Remembering Warsaw Damn is that a huge bill The calculator doesn't make it any better High from the music
Where have all the blue hairs gone? Waiting for Zea Waiting for Markus who ran off to search Zea Found a willing victim to take the group pictures And even a second one.
Waiting for the music to start in Anno The maestro Sometimes even with vocals Pounding and listening
Damn that got hot. Some more singing and taking some pictures for evidence Listeners Finished
Off to the hotels


Eclipse Eclipse