Song List


Act I


Scene 1: A Graveyard In The Woods

Angels Arise - Sarah, Nadja, Zsa Zsa
God Has Left The Building - Vampires and Sarah, Nadja, Zsa Zsa
Original Sin - Krolock, Sarah, Vampires

Scene 2: An Inn

Garlic - Chagal, Rebecca, Magda, Boris and the Peasants
Logic - Abronsius, with Alfred, Chagal, Magda and Rebecca

Scene 3: Sarah's Room, Upstairs at the Inn

There's Never Been A Night Like This - Alfred, Sarah, Chagal, Rebecca, Magda and Abronsius
Don't Leave Daddy - Chagal
The Invitation - Krolock, Sarah
Forevermore in the Night - Krolock

Scene 4: Outside The Inn, Next Day

Death Is Such An Odd Thing - Rebecca, Madga

Scene 5: Outside the Inn, That Evening

Braver Than We Are - Sarah, Alfred
Red Boots Ballet - Sarah, Dancers, Krolock
Say A Prayer - Company

Scene 6: The Castle Gate

Come With Me - Krolock

Act II

Scene 1: The Great Room

Vampires In Love (Total Eclipse of the Heart) - Sarah, Krolock, Vampires

Scene 2: A Hall In The Castle

The Library
Books, Books - Abronsius, Krolock
The Bed
Carpe Noctem - Company
For Sarah - Alfred

Scene 3: The Search Through The Castle

Scene 4: The Crypt Of The Von Krolocks

Death Is Such An Odd Thing (Reprise) - Rebecca, Magda, Chagal

Scene 5: Herbert's Room

When Love Is Inside You - Alfred, Herbert

Scene 6: Sarah's Room

Scene 7: The Castle Graveyard

Eternity - Vampires
Confession Of A Vampire - Krolock

Scene 8: The Ballroom

The Ball: The Minuet - Abronsius, Alfred, Herbert, Boris and Vampires
Never Be Enough - Krolock and Vampires
You will live forever - Krolock

Scene 9: The Wilderness

Braver Than We Are (Reprise) - Sarah, Alfred

Scene 10: The Finale

The Dance Of The Vampires - Company



Eclipse Eclipse