Over the Top

The Dream Engine is a new group created by the songwriter himself and his 21 year co-producer and recording engineer, Steven Rinkoff, featuring songs written by Jim Steinman, songwriter for acts such as Meat Loaf, Bonnie Tyler, Celine Dion and many others.

Songs crafted by Steinman include hits such as "I would do anything for Love (but I won't do that)", "Total Eclipse of the Heart", "It's all coming back to me now", "Bat out of Hell" and "Holding out for a Hero".

Steinmans' works include 11 Number 1 songs and helped sell more than 100 million albums. The first recorded album he wrote was Meat Loafs' "Bat out of Hell" which is the second best selling album of all time.

The Dream Engine now presents the soaring music with new singers and special guests surrounding the grand piano of Steve Margoshes along with a core four piece band.


"If you don't go over the top
you won't see what's on the other side"

Jim Steinman
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The Dream Engine