The Coronation of the Vampires


The Top 50 - you have voted

Carmen Nebel asked for the best musical hits of all times and thousands have voted. The clear winner is "Totale Finsternis" from the musical "Tanz der Vampire" which then was celebrated in a glorious gala.


The Greatest Musical Hits

Often called a thing of the past, but still successful: Musicals are still popular among the Germans. Carmen Nebel took this popularity as occassion to celebrate the greatest musical hit which has been nominated by the viewers in a glamorous gala. Everyone with a name in the German musical branch attended the countdown in the Neue Flora, Hamburg.

Performances of the stars

In short clips the nominees were presented and commented upon by celebrities. Carmen Nebel was able to greet guests such as musical stars Angelika Milster and Anna Maria Kaufmann and talked with ex-No Angel Lucy about her musical education.

The highlight for the audience however were the performances of their stars. Uwe Kröger, known for his role as Death in Elisabeth and currently playing Kardinal Richelieu in Die Drei Musketiere sang the evergreen "New York, New York" - which came in on place 32 in the chart.

The Vampires won the race

The ensemble of Hair ("Good morning starshine", position 43) and of Rocky Horror Show ("The Time Warp", position 27) or "Dancing Queen", position 15, from the Abba musical Mamma Mia! had the audience cheering. Further highlights in the show were appearances by Pia Douwes with "Ich gehör nur mir" from Elisabeth (rank 5), Angelika Milster with "Erinnerung" from Cats (place 4) and Sabrina Weckerlin and Alexander Klaws with "Alles" from "Die Drei Musketiere" (place 2).

The absolute number one however was the title "Totale Finsternis" from the musical Tanz der Vampire which is currently being played in the Neue Flora Hamburg. The fans celebrated the ensemble around Thomas Borchert and Jessica Kessler with thundering applause which seemed never to end.



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