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Added pictures from the Oberhausen production to the DotV section.

The Oberhausen production will close in September 09 and move to Vienna's Ronacher theatre. Tanz is also to open in Antwerp, Belgium.



Tanz Anniversary Concert - Vámpírok Bálja - Tanz der Vampire Berlin Updates


Vienna: Tanz der Vampire will be staged in concert in the Vienna Raimund theatre, tickets are available here. No cast has been announced yet.

Berlin: The cast has been announced, you can check it out in the Vampires section along with pictures of the cast.

Budapest: A press release has been posted (read it in the Library) and the official page has been updated.



Tanz Berlin


From Michael Kunzes' page:

Tanz der Vampire - A Grusical for Berlin

The Berlin production of the cult musical TdV will for the first time use the term "a Grusical". Not just because it was the idea of a funny marketing guy but due to intensive market research. Acording to which there are still people in and around Berlin who jump due to fright at the word "vampires". The word should show those people that in the drama/musical by Michael Kunze humour is present.

The show will premiere on Dec. 10th in the Theater des Westens with a cast such as Alexander Klaws (Deutschland sucht den Superstar [*]) as Alfred and the musical superstar Thomas Borchert as von Krolock. The rest of the cast will be announced during the presentation of the cast on Oct. 11th in Berlin.

As in Vienna and Hamburg, Roman Polanski will direct. The show was thoroughly reviewed by Michael Kunze and Jim Steinman and changed in one place.

Meanwhile the Japanese production was a sensational success with the theatre 100 % filled in July and August.

The producer, Toho Theatricals, presented Michael Kunze with an award for this outcome.

In other news, the song Seize the Night / Carpe Noctem has been covered on Meat Loafs new CD "Bat out of Hell 3" - without any involvement of Jim Steinman other than the Loaf covering some of his songs.



More Steinman news


A couple of Steinman related news as the composer of TDV recently started writing a blog and forwarded messages to his fan board "Dream Pollution":

Steinman has spoken in his blog about his upcoming projects and his plans to work with Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones. They can be also seen on this page.

Tokyo Tanz has opened its gates to rave reviews.



Note from Jim Steinman


Thanks to JD for posting this on RR

I spoke to Rinkoff & Braunsberg & Mrs. Braunsberg & Michael Kunze. The report was that TANZ is A HUGE BLOODY BLOOMING MONSTER HIT!

Apparently, after only one thru, on the afternoon of the first performance ever in the theatre, It had its first performance for an audience. And THEY WENT CRAZY! STOMPING, HOOPING, CHEERING!

And the audience wouldnt stop cheering or leave the theatre!!

I know nothing of Japanese theatre, but Kunze, who has a show MARIE ANTOINETTE that replaces our sold out run (already) in September. But IT WILL BE BACK A LOT, says Kunze.

He said it was VERY FAITHFUL, "much higher standard" than other shows, Rinkoff said there were TONS of laughs (more than original) and the leads were "fabulous".

Toho thinks it'll be a "big hit for years and years".

I dont understsand it, but YAY!!!!!!!!!

Jeff Berg of ICM was there raving about, they're all talking about the movie with Roman as The Professor a la Danny Kaye (now its officially called "Jims movie" cause I had the idea first, knowing how much Roman LOVES Danny Kaye. ) And a UK production was discussed.




Vámpírok Bálja


The Hungarian Tanz homepage has opened it's gates more or less. Vámpírok Bálja is supposed to open in Budapest in June 2007. Click on the image to get to the official page.

Vámpírok Bálja

Thanks to Galambka!



Taniec Wampirów CD in Sound of Music


The official cast recording as well as the souvenir book can now be ordered at Sound of Music. Click on the images below to go directly to the pages:



Thanks to Markus from Sound of Music for the update!



Dream Engine News

    The Dream Engine still is in studio and has recorded 18 Steinman songs so far. Among the songs are "In the Land of the Pigs the Butcher is King" and "Cry to Heaven", two new Steinman songs. Additionally a new version of "God has left the Building" can be heard on the official page.  


Taniec Wampirów CD


An official cast CD is being released for the Polish production of Taniec Wampirów. The first presentation is slated for March 19th.

You can check out previews of the recording here.



Opening in Berlin

    According to Michael Kunze's homepage, Tanz der Vampire will open in Berlin in December.  


Hungarian Tanz

    A demo of Total Eclipse of the Heart can be found here.  


The Vampires continue to dance


According to Michael Kunzes' official page the production in the Warsaw Roma Theatre has extended it's run for another season.

In Budapest the vampires prepare to start their dance in Autumn 2006 and on July 2nd the curtain will lift in the Imperial Theatre in Tokyo.

Additionally a new german production will happen, in Berlin. Possibly in 2006.



Japanese Article


Added an article from Yomiuri Online, thanks to Shi for the translation.

Additionally, there's a new subsection on Carpe-Jugulum, documenting the progress of the Dream Engine, a new band formed by Jim Steinman and Steve Rinkoff.



Interview with Polanski

    Added an interview with Polanski in the Library section. Thanks to Shi for the translation!  


Japanese Dance Cast


The cast list of the Japanese version has been added to the Dance of the Vampires section. Check it out here.

Thanks to Hikari-no-Tsubasa!



Dream Engine: Songs by Jim Steinman


A new project is forthcoming: Dream Engine - Songs by Jim Steinman. Seems to be the follow-up to Over the Top.

Work has been progressing daily, since the final chord at Mohegan Sun, in order to bring a much larger existence to the NEW and CLASSIC songs of Jim Steinman. BEGINNING IN 2006...A brand NEW series of shows (some small, some large) with a NEW presentation as The Dream Engine will include soaring vocals from familiar and NEW talent and, at times, special guest stars as they surround the grand piano virtuosity of Steve Margoshes along with a core four piece band.

In regards to additional projects that many of you have written to us about...Jim and I are not, as many have asked, part of anything resembling Bat3 as we remain busy in New York City working, excitedly and closely, on all of the NEW and current Steinman projects (including film & theater projects in ongoing development AND, of course, The Dream Engine, both live and in the studio).

Read Steve Rinkoffs' comments here.

Additionally, recording of Bat out of Hell III has been started in Los Angeles. It's being produced by Desmond Child. Steinman is as can be read in the above comments not involved in the production of Bat 3.



Warsaw Articles

    Added some scans of Polish magazines to the Warsaw section of Dance.  


Warsaw Songlist

    Added the song list of the Warsaw production to the DotV section.  


Hamburg Gathering 05

    The pictures and the jam sessions are now online.  


Various updates


Added a few more links to official pages of the artists Jim worked with. A couple of new articles are up in the library section as well as the Steinman section and a few new files are in the multimedia section.

Other than that, Tanz der Vampire is currently slated to open on July 8th, 2006 in Japan with the Toho group.





Total overhaul of the entire page.

The sections got streamlined and additional content was added.

In other news:

  • The Everly Brothers released the Jim Steinman song "A Kiss is a terrible Thing to waste", recorded in 1987.
  • Meat Loaf is advertising Bat out of Hell 3 with the new song "Only if I feel".
  • Steve Rinkoff, the producer of the Over the Top shows stated that CDs, DVDs and other merchendising are in planning status for the OTT shows.
  • Taniec Wampirow opened in Warsaw, Poland. Produced again by Roman Polanski.
  • Tanz der Vampire will close in Hamburg in January 2006 and will open in Japan.
  • Tanz der Vampire won the first place in the ZDF show Musical Gala with the song Totale Finsternis


A Production with Bite


Found on Warsaw Voice:

The final phase in casting for Dance of the Vampires-a new production by the Roma Theater-took place March 14. It was attended by Roman Polanski, the artistic patron of this large musical project. Throughout the day, he auditioned vocalists selected in previous castings by Cornelius Baltus, the project's director.

Polanski focused primarily on the two main characters-the innocent Sara and vampire prince Krolock, who attempts to seduce the heroine. Seven years ago, the song performed by the duo ("Total Eclipse of the Heart") captivated the first viewers of the show and landed on hit charts around the world. The Polish version ("Na orbicie serc") at Roma was sung by a few couples in different configurations. A few days later, the director cast Malwina Kusior as Sara, while granting the part of Krolock to Łukasz Dziedzic. Other cast members include: Alfred-Jakub Molęda, Magda-Dominika Szymańska, Rebeka-Grażyna Strachota, Abronsius-Robert Rozmus, Chagal-Wojciech Paszkowski, Herbert-Jakub Wocial, Kukol-Jakub Szydłowski.



Vampires in Poland


The Roma Theater has closed another stage of the casting for the musical Dance of the Vampires. Roma's largest casting to date, it began last autumn. By March 14, 24 candidates had been selected from among the hundreds who included many celebrities (e.g. the pop vocalist Piasek, aspiring to the role of Alfred). A large part of the finalists are professional actors from musical theaters across Poland. The dance troupe of 16 people has already been selected and approved by the producers.

The whole of the casting was overseen by theater director Cornelius du Crocq Baltus and choreographer Dennis Callahan. The final decisions were made by Roman Polanski, who chose the protagonists at closed auditions that continued throughout March 14.

The actors competed for the roles of their dreams, following a few days of preparations at workshops conducted by Calahan and Baltus. "For each of the parts, I wanted to show Roman two candidates, three at the most," said Baltus before the final casting. "Polanski came for one day and faced a hard task. Those who have made it are really good." In the next issue of the Voice, we will reveal the details of the final casting and the shortlist.

Polanski's next visit is planned for early August. The show will premiere in October.

The musical Dance of the Vampires is based on the film The Fearless Vampire Killers, Roman Polanski's movie from 1967. The movie is classified as a horror classic, even though it is actually a pastiche of the genre. The world premiere of Dance of the Vampires took place in 1997 in Vienna, where the musical has been seen by almost 1 million people. Subsequent productions were staged in Stuttgart, Hamburg and on Broadway.

In other news, Felix Martin, the alternate Krolock in Hamburg has released a CD featuring the songs of von Krolock, including Soliloquy, the first commercially available English version of Unstillbare Gier.



Vampires in Japan


Tanz der Vampire will open in Japan in 2006. Likely the Toho Company is going to perform.

Additionally Over the Top: Music of Jim Steinman with Rob Evan, Mandy Gonzales, Elaine Caswell and others was a qualified success. Fans reported that two new songs have been performed, namely "What Part of my Body hurts the most" and a song from Batman: The Musical called "Not allowed to love".

Recordings apparently are forthcoming as Rob Evans official site states that MP3 demos are coming soon.



Rob Evan


Rob Evan is releasing "Heaven Can Wait" on his CD in spring 05. Additionally he's currently recording two separate solo projects with Jim Steinman, Steven Rinkoff and Kim Scharnberg.

Update: Heaven can wait has disappeared from the tracklist, but rumour has it that Rob will release a separate CD with Steinman, likely with Heaven can wait among other titles.

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