Producers' Comments


July 8th, 2005

Dear Over The Top Fans and Friends,

First and foremost, thanks to all who attended (and to those who wanted to attend) any or all of our six shows so far. We are having a great time doing them. Your comments and enthusiasm mean much to all of us involved.

Secondly, I'm sitting here in an internet café, in Hamburg, about to visit our favorite Vampires. I arrived here earlier today from a U2 concert, last night, in Berlin for 70,000 fans. As good as it was, I spent most of the concert imagining OTT playing for this size crowd one day.

OK, so time for an ‘update’. As to what the next steps are for OTT, all I can say is that a whole staircase of steps is in the works. We are constantly working on ways to bring this project and the 'Steinman sound' to as many people as possible. Actually, this has been my not-so-hidden agenda for the past 20 years. I'm even working on some German dates while in town. Please be patient with our progress. There are some very real reasons, unexplainable here, as to why we move forward as we do.

Having said that, it has always been our intention of posting some recordings and photos at this site and now is the time. After finally getting a chance to listen to some of the recordings, Jim and I have decided on a few moments to share. More will follow upon my return to NYC next week. The mixes are live board mixes from Mohegan Sun and therefore slightly compromised to accommodate the 'live' mix in the room as we performed. Please excuse the 'quality'. The photos are from a still camera intended for an archival collection we took to capture the look of the show. A video sampler and/or video screenshots will be added later. Hope you enjoy them. Please feel free to send your thoughts at the comment page.

If all goes as planned, live and studio recordings, DVD's, merchandise, promotions and many more live shows will arrive soon(er or later). Until then, enjoy this material and expect more. Much more.

Soon to be further over the top,
Steven Rinkoff




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