Producers' Comments II


Dear Fans, Friends and visitors,

Cheers and greetings at the start of the holiday season. Thanks for the hundreds of emails, comments and questions in respect to Over The Top: Songs by Jim Steinman. We haven't responded yet because news is forthcoming and we thought it better to say what's happening when more certain of the details. However, here's a start:

Work has been progressing daily, since the final chord at Mohegan Sun, in order to bring a much larger existence to the NEW and CLASSIC songs of Jim Steinman. BEGINNING IN 2006...A brand NEW series of shows (some small, some large) with a NEW presentation as The Dream Engine will include soaring vocals from familiar and NEW talent and, at times, special guest stars as they surround the grand piano virtuosity of Steve Margoshes along with a core four piece band.

In regards to additional projects that many of you have written to us about...Jim and I are not, as many have asked, part of anything resembling Bat3 as we remain busy in New York City working, excitedly and closely, on all of the NEW and current Steinman projects (including film & theater projects in ongoing development AND, of course, The Dream Engine, both live and in the studio).

Hugely...EVERYONE involved in the past OTT shows THANK ALL OF YOU for supporting us and waiting patiently for a NEW engine to rev. Well, the fuel HAS been added. Let the dreams begin!!

Enjoy the ain't what it used to be!

With more news and a NEW website soon,
Steven Rinkoff




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