Current Projects


Bat out of Hell Musical

A massive stage spectacle, to be staged in a theatre expressly designed & built for it. It will be moveable too. The show, which may be co-written with Terry Jones of Monty Python fame, will feature motorcyclists doing astounding stunts, BMX riders, skateboarders and a corps of amazing dancers from all around the globe, including the most incredible flying ever seen by a troupe of Russian wizard


Unnamed Musical

A new film musical being written by Stuart Beattie, of "Collateral" and "Pirates of the Caribbean ", using all Jim's songs.  

Tanz der Vampire - Movie

It's planned to turn the German version into a movie. Roman Polanski might play the Professor. Also a UK production is in discussion.  

Bikers of the Round Table

A new show for Disney TV, an animated show, for the new JET-X channel, a "hipper" Disney animated format, closer to anime. He will write a song a week, and executive produce.  


Musical in colaboration with Frank Wildhorn. Likely based on the movie of the same name and therefor the old story of the Death of Arthur (Morte D'Arthur).  


Rob Evan

According to Robs' official page Steinman and Rinkoff are working with him on a solo project. Might be the Dream Engine.  


The Dream Engine

Featuring the music of Jim Steinman, produced by Steve Rinkoff and Gavin Berger. Seems to be the followup of Over the Top. In the words of Mr. Rinkoff:

"A brand NEW series of shows (some small, some large) with a NEW presentation as The Dream Engine will include soaring vocals from familiar and NEW talent and, at times, special guest stars as they surround the grand piano virtuosity of Steve Margoshes along with a core four piece band."


Lost Projects


Bat out of Hell: 2100

Movie with a script by Jim Steinman. Based on the 2 Bat out of Hell albums.  

Pandora's Box

Movie with a script by Jim Steinman, David Rimmer and Ellen Sandhaus  

Karine Hannah

Cancelled after an alleged disagreement. No details have ever been published. It stands to reason though that the leaked demos might have something to do with it.  

Dance of the Vampires

Died on Broadway. Whether this project will be revived on West End is unknown. Tanz continues strong in Germany and Poland however, with planned openings in Sweden, and Japan.  

Greta Garbo: The Musical

Opened in September in Stockholm to bored critics. Music is, according to them, excellent and rocks, but the story leaves a lot to be desired.
Garbo closed in December 2002. Whether or not it's being brought to West End still needs to be decided.

Bat out of Nashville

The country version of the classic Bat out of Hell (thankfully) appears to have died.  

Total Eclipse of the Heart: The Movie

Allegedly this has been turned to Wuthering Heights: California.  


The dream musical of Jim Steinman. There was a workshop in the 70s, but it never was produced on a big stage. Or on film as it was rumoured to be planned after Bat 1 and Bat 2. The Tanz souvenir brochures still claim that he *recently* finished it.  

Batman: The Musical

The music allegedly is in style of Bat out of Hell and The Dream Engine. Only one song was performed in public so far: Not allowed to love. Might resurface as individual songs in the Over the Top shows. A demo track of the Jokers song (Wonderful Toys) is available here.  

Ladyhawke - The Romantics

Steinman is supposed to write the lyrics for Frank Wildhorns project based on the fantasy novel. Wildhorns' homepage still lists it as an ongoing project.  

Blade Runner: The Musical

with lyrics by Jim Steinman, postponed  

Frenchie Davis

An album with the former American Idol singer is being planned. She was recently signed on Warner Bros which might mean that one or two songs from Batman could appear on her album. Seems to be pretty dead.  

Bat out of Hell 3

New CD with Meat Loaf, supposedly out in late 2006.

Steinman himself is not involved in the production of the recording. Instead of "Songs by Jim Steinman" it could have the subline "Songs by a murder of songwriters"

In the words of Mr. Rinkoff:

"In regards to additional projects that many of you have written to us about...Jim and I are not, as many have asked, part of anything resembling Bat3 as we remain busy in New York City working, excitedly and closely, on all of the NEW and current Steinman projects (including film & theater projects in ongoing development AND, of course, The Dream Engine, both live and in the studio)."


Over the Top

Featuring the music of Jim Steinman, produced by Steve Rinkoff. Turned into the Dream Engine.  



Eclipse Eclipse