Wuthering Heights Cast and Characters

  Erika Christensen


Cate Earnshaw A natural beauty with a gorgeous singing voice, Cate has a predestined tie to her soul mate, Heath. But when she expresses a desire to experience a world beyond the home she's always known, her relationship with Heath becomes destructive. Although she attempts to find a new life with stable, wealthy Edward, she's incapable of forgetting her first, true love.  
  Mike Vogel Heath Found as an abandoned child and brought to live at "The Heights" by Earnshaw, Heath is driven by only two things: his love for Cate and his passion for music. But his feelings for Cate turn into virtual obsession and ultimately fuel his success as a tortured singer.  
  Chris Masterson Edward Linton The subdued Edward is a victim of unrequited love. Though he can offer Cate safety and fortune, he will never be able to capture her heart's full attention. And it's driving him crazy with jealousy.  
  Johnny Whitworth Hendrix Earnshaw Cate's loudmouth brother hates Heath from the moment he arrives at "The Heights." With Heath as the center of attention, Hendrix develops a deep sense of abandonment and begins an angry downward spiral.  
  Katherine Heigl Isabel Linton Edward's sexy and manipulative sister will stop at nothing to obtain Heath's love. But her eternal confidence is shattered when he proves to be unattainable.  
  Aimee Osbourne Raquelle Isabel's snobby best friend assists in her efforts to snag Heath.  
  John Doe Earnshaw A humble and loving father, who has dedicated his life to building an idyllic home for his children.  



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