Vámpírok Bálja - Budapest

  Press release, November 2006  

Tanz der Vampire - Berlin

  Vampires' has big bite in Berlin  

Tanz der Vampire - Japan

  Japanese Version  

Taniec Wampirów - Warsaw

  A Production with a Bite  
  Vampires in Poland  
  Interview with Polanski  

Tanz der Vampire - Hamburg

  The Coronation of the Vampires    

Dance of the Vampires - Pre-opening - Broadway

  Variety's Dance  
  VBW's Broadway Debut  
  Michael Crawford Interview  
  Brief Encounter  
  A Phantom does the fangdango  
  Dance with Crawford  
  From Phantom to Vampire  
  Carpe Noctem  
  Press Preview  
  Total Eclipse  
  Digital Magic  
  Vamping it up  
  All about Ives  
  Killer Instincts  
  Two young Talents  
  Where the Mask was now there are Fangs  
  Forever's gonna start tonight  
  In House Review  

Dance of the Vampires - Post-opening - Broadway

  Tribune Review  
  TV Spot  
  Vampires lack bite  
  DOTV Review  
  Hate at first Bite  
  Travel Busses  
  Count Drekula  
  DotV hits Bway  
  Talking Broadway Review Review  
  Vampires Bites  
  'til the goth Vampire sings  
  NYTheatre Review  
  Crawford out of Hell  
  Polanski changes his tune  
  Press Release (closing note)  
  The Last Dance  
  Best Lost Cause  
  Doug Storm in Interview  
  Tanz vs. Dance - a comparison  
  Interview with Michel Kunze  
Eclipse Eclipse