Dance of the VampiresDance of the Vampires


Original production presented in Vienna by Vereinigte Bühnen Wien GmbH in association with Roman Polański, Andrew Braunsberg and Rudi Klausnitzer.

Based on the film "The Fearless Vampire Killers" Courtesy of Turner Entertainment Co. Steg rights VBW -Kulturmanagement- und Veranstaltungsgesellschaft mbH Austria, Vienna, 1060 Wien, Linke Wienzeile 6


Tanz der Vampire - Vienna

World Premiere: October 4th, 1997 - Raimund Theatre Vienna
Derniere: January 15th, 2000
  The Songs Song list  
  Cast List of premiere cast  
  Creative Team List of the creative team  
  Synopsis Short outline of the story  
  Pictures Pictures of the original Viennese production  

Tanz der Vampire - Stuttgart

Premiere: March 31st, 2000, Musical Hall (now Apollo-Theater), Stuttgart
Derniere: August 31st, 2003
  The Songs Song list of the Stuttgart production  
  The Principals Main cast members  
  Pictures Pictures of the production in Stuttgart  

Dance of the Vampires - Broadway

Premiere: December 9th, 2002, Minskoff Theatre, NY
Derniere: January 25th, 2003
  The Songs Song list  
  Cast List of the cast members  
  Creative Team List of the creative team  
  Demo Lyrics Lyrics of the demo recordings  
  Lyrics Act 1 Final lyrics of the first act  
  Lyrics Act 2 Final lyrics of the second act  
  Alternate and Cut Lyrics Lyrics that were cut during the previews  
  The Original Songs List of the original songs that were recycled  
  Preview Pictures Pictures from the Broadway Production  
  Finale Pictures Pictures of the final version  
  Final Libretto The complete text of the final incarnation of the Broadway production  

Tanz der Vampire - Hamburg

Premiere: December 7th, 2003, Neue Flora Hamburg
Derniere: January 2006
  The Cast Leading members of the Hamburg cast  
  Opening Gala Pictures Pictures of the opening of Tanz der Vampire in Hamburg  
  Pictures Pictures of the show in Hamburg  

Vampiiride Tants - Estonia

Premiere: November 10th, 2000, Talliana Linnahall
  Cast List of the Estonian cast  
  Pictures Press pictures of the Estonian production  

Taniec Wampirów - Warsaw

Premiere: October 8th, 2005, Musical Theater Roma
  Song Titles List of the songs  
  The Cast The original Warsaw cast  
  Creative Team List of the creative team  
  Casting Pictures Pictures taken during the casting for Taniec Wampirow  
  Rehearsal Pictures Pictures taken during the rehearsals  
  Gala Press Pictures Scans of various Polish magazines  

Tanz der Vampire - Japan

Premiere: July 7th, 2006
  Promo Picture Toho members with TdV poster  
  The Cast List of the principals  
  Cast Presentation First shootings of the cast  
  The Principals Photos of the main cast  

Tanz der Vampire - Berlin

Premiere: December 2006
  The Cast Premiere cast list  
  Cast Presentation Pictures of the cast presentation  

Vámpírok Bálja

Premiere: June 2007, Budapest
  Press Pictures Pictures taken for the press release  


Tanz der Vampire - In Concert

Feb 02 - 10, 2007, Vienna - 10 Years Anniversary Special Performance, Raimund Theater
  Pictures Taken from the finale  

Tanz der Vampire - Oberhausen

Premiere 7. November 2008, derniere September 2009
  Pictures Pictures from the Curtain call  
  The Cast Premiere cast list of the principals  


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